The Living Museum in my Dream

Today was a day that carried everything in it what I dreamed about when dreaming about our Living Museum. A lot of people came by, interested in what our program is all about. They felt at home right away. They wanted to stay.

A lot of other people came by to make art, in musical terms, in painting terms and in socialising terms. We have created our safe haven in such short time frame and with such great humanism, it dazzles me. I had a hard time going home tonight. I wanted to stay, as did other people. Can’t wait to go again next week, on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Every abandoned building on hospital grounds should have a place like this.

IMG_1396 (1)
Gert-Jan came by last week to show his previous work and telling us he could not imagine ever painting again. Today he came in, sat down at a table and started drawing with out talking for an hour. And he came up with a wonderful peace of art.
Jim comes to our place every week, because at home he rarely plays his guitar. He composed his own music corner in our Living Museum and he played a funky guitar, for hours.

At the end of the day Annet and Dick came to visit us. Dick emailed me days ago about this, asking me if Annet could show her work. I could not keep my eyes of this phenomenal peace of art. Annet is a person with lived experience and she has a physical ‘threshold’ for which she uses a brace. It makes it possible for her to paint. And guess what?! She only started painting two years ago! She showed us some other work, after which I invited her to be a part of our community. She was overwhelmed and will be coming back very soon! Thanks Annet.


Last but not least I met with some Ted Talkers of my next Meet the Xperts Mental Health Festival to go over their performances. Kees Onderwater, Evi Henderikx, Russell Cummins and Tim Kreuger, our Ted Talk Show Host! It was a great day!



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