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Alternative currency works

The Living Museum in NYC and the Living Museum in the Netherlands differ slightly. I am not a Doctor and thus people don’t address me in that way. I am not present every day, like Janos Martin. I am a volunteer, as every person and artists working in the Living Museum. I don’t make money with the Living Museum. I make money by doing assignments for about 60 to 70% of my time. With time I don’t mean 40 hours per week. I mean a lot more hours. Therefor we have a staff of volunteers. About 13 people, with or with out lived experience. To keep our place open 7 days a week. From 10.30am till 4pm.

Snap out of it!

When people enter our place they stop being a patient. They are and become artists. We have no threshold. Everybody is welcome. If people feel at home in our place, time will tell. Most of the time it is for them to decide if they want to stay and make art.

It works for almost everybody

Does the Living Museum work for everybody? No. As Housing First, WRAP, Trauma Informed Support, Respite Care does not work for everybody. Point is that we have to offer people options. A real choice amongst possible choices. Like dr. Roberto Mezzini from Triest, Italia, said in India: Freedom First.

Who needs a Dr.?

I visit Dr. Martin and his Living Museum about 3 times a year. I need his advice, on many topics. For me Janos is a friend, a peer, a mentor, a coach and also dr. Martin. An authority, because he made al this possible. Without him, there would be no Living Museum in the Netherlands.

The globalization of the Living Museum

Soon South-Korea, Tilburg and Eindhoven will open a Museum and who knows, maybe Norway and India will follow this or next year. All thanks to free spirits, artists, visionary people. People who want to change Mental Health for the better.

Like dr. Martin.





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