Arno Tijnagel, Powered by Jackson Pollack

Leo Noordergraaf is a director of GGZinGeest. He is probably our biggest fan. He generously offered and still offers us the space to make our Living Museum Dream come true.

Recently he came to visit us and left two Safety Helmets. If we could turn them into an Art Piece? To give away as a present to one of his employees.

Arno Tijnagel is one of the artists that came to work with us. A very authentic artist, always working very focussed, concentrated and obviously with great passion and happiness.

Arno is a great fan of Jackson Pollack. It is his wish to go to New York and visit the MoMa, where I just this month took a picture.

It’s good to have dreams.

I asked Arno to ‘take care’ of the helmets, which means to turn them into something special. He worked on it for weeks, with the passion that is synonymous with Arno. We are blessed with artists like him.


IMG_2743ConstructionHelmets_01 ConstructionHelmets_02

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