Our New Living Museum!

We have painted all the walls in our New Living Museum.

We have cleaned the whole place. We have moved to our new Building!

We are open for visitors.

By the way, sometimes we have people that have difficulties ‘reading’ our site. If you direct your arrow to our headlines and hold or click on it, it shows you what we have to offer. And it’s a lot. Check it out and take some times to read that stuff!

Back to our new Building! Look at the ‘panorama’ from our Event Rooms! It is what you call ‘een dagje op de Hei’! It will soon be open for everybody to use. And we hope you will do just that, because we need you and your group to come and be with us for a day or a couple of days.

‘Show us your donations and money’, because we want to be in this building for at least a decade.

We have no price list, so whatever you think is worth it, that’s ok with us. Your donation will be transferred to our Foundation Account. To make sure people with- and without lived experience can work on their recovery.

Everybody deals with something. Art is healing.

In the Living Museum we transform patients to artists, we deprogram diagnosis to strengths and talents.

Use your vulnerability as your Weapon.

Art is the Way.

On the 12th September 2019 we will be celebrating the official opening of our new building. Board and artists will be present from 15:00 till 22:00 hours. It’s an American Party (we are a private foundation, depending of gifts), so bring some of your own drinks and snacks!

We hope to see and meet with you on that day!

Love from the Living Museum Team!