The People from Bodø, Norway

Days like today are rare and for sure very special. We have groups in the Living Museum every single week, and these days are all very special to us, but the group of today made us hit the sweet spot. 

We had magic in the room from 11AM till 4.30PM, because that’s how long this group from Bodø, Norway (above the Arctic Circle) stayed with us. And they were all eyes and ears for what we offered them. And they contributed back to us in a very reciprocity style. 

Give us a day like today every day. And life is more than good. 

Thank you Rene Keet, Valerie Boogaerd (Discus, Housing First Amsterdam), Casper de France (Elan Wonen), for such wonderful presentations and insights. Your words were spot on and everything Marianne and her group wanted to experience. 

Thank you Kees Karstens and Ingrid Zeegers for sharing your Recovery Story. You are the best!

Another special thank you for Robin IJzerman, who sang her self composed songs in the most touching fashion. We both agreed that the applaus to her songs sounded breath taking and overwhelming. Better then ever before. 

We hope to meet our friends from Norway again, maybe above the Arctic Circle, maybe in The Netherlands. It was a delight to have you with us today.

Thanks again for traveling to our tiny country and have a wonderful Kings Day in Rotterdam tomorrow!

Love from the Living Museum Team!